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Let's play the game of politics together

We have developed an App known as Badilico that is based on a gamified version of politics we call Fantasy Politics.

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Most youth are apathetic towards politics & don't trust political structures


of Kenya is made up of youth


of youth in Kenya are unemployed


of the 22.12 million registered voters came out to vote and only 8.8 million of the total registered voters were youth.


estimated youth have turned 18 years and above since 2017. Out of the 6.3 million youth, less than 3 million were registered according to IEBC.

Our objective is to bridge the gap between decision makers and youth through technology. From Apathy to positive participation.

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Badilico Game

Badilico Game is a technological innovation that gamifies democratic governance in Kenya. Badilico Game provides a metaverse where youth can interact, learn, and engage with political processes and governance in a gamified and non-repressive environment. The end goal is to immerse the age-voting youth into the continuum of political participation in Governance as a way toward curing youth alienation in politics.

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It is programmed to mirror the Democratic processes.

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It targets inclusion of the age-voting youth between 18 years and 35 years

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It uses immersive technologies.

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2023 winners of the Commonwealth Secretary-General's Innovation for Sustainable Development Awards

Make Political Choices.
Have Fun. Get Rewards.


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