The youth account for more than 80% of the population yet their views and opinions are underrepresented in main stream media. There exists a big divide, a chasm, between what the ruling class say they’re going to do, what they do and plan, and the realities that young people face and the agendas that are important to them. The main medium through which most young people receive their current affairs information is through the media (Radio, Tv, social media and other internet sources). This medium is often a one-way highway with the decision and policy makers taking the stage and propagating their own beliefs and agendas whether youth sensitive or not.


Millennials Speak exist to bridge this chasm by provide an innovative methods of information delivery and communication. The primary target audience for this information being the youth, hence the need for comprehensive grassroots information gathering and dissemination. Instead of giving these decision makers a platform we will be changing the narrative and we will be putting them on the “hot seat” . We engage them directly on their youth agendas and current affairs that have strong implications on the millennials. Touching on key thematic areas, we gathered data.Through trickled down liquid democracy, we bring together opinion leaders who represent different cross-section of the population i.e student leaders, youth groups and social enterprises. These opinion leaders get to interact with the decision makers and break the silence. We also offer PR services to these decision makers to facilitate fruitful communication.


The next most important question that this raise is why would young people want to get involved. Hence the 4 I’s


  • Get to articulate their issues and inform policy and decision making
  • • Get to contribute to the allocation and distribution of resources


  • Get to form relationships and engage with their leaders
  • • Form networks with young leaders and decision makers and become a catalyst for change


  • Get first-hand information on developmental agendas
  • • Get to understand the mindsets and priorities of their leaders and decide whether they are youth friendly


  • Have their opinions aired on T.V, radio and shared on social media.
  • Profiling of young people
  • Value in knowing that their opinion matters

Our Outreach

Research conducted through

Social Media

Youth engaged

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Millennials Speak Consultancy


The youth form more than 80 % of the population here in Kenya, and yet they are heavily underrepresented in political and social economic circles.
This communications and research platforms enable the decision makers to make more competent and better informed decisions on both the allocation of resources and setting developmental agendas. We shall deliver this through the 4A’s