When we speak, we are heard,when we listen, we are changed.

We are Millennials Speak. A Social Enterprise located in Nairobi. We have developed an App known as Badilico that is based on a gamified version of politics we call Fantasy Politics.


The challenge Commonwealth nation's are facing

How we intend to engage the youth

By equipping youth with modern technology to access political participation.

Driving conversation through data driven reports.

Using fantasy politics to gamify the political experience making it easier for youth to access their leaders.

Fantasy Politics

Fantasy politics works like a spinoff fantasy football. The need arose out of an information gap that exist between decision makers and the youth that they lead and make decisions for. By gamifying the political process, the youth will feel more welcomed into an otherwise limited political space, and in turn, decision makers are able to interact with and access valuable data from the youth.

How it works

Participants are able to pick Governments, select a group of friends to compete with and send in messages to decision makers and each other.  The application seeks to address the issues of  inclusivity in three ways.

1. Public participation

Youth, who are in many societies marginalized and excluded from the decision making table, will have the opportunity to tear through the bureaucratic structures that prevent them for advancing their ideas/solutions in the political decision making space.

2. Data

Through their interactions with the app we will be able to pick up on voting patterns and trends among the youth like never before. Answering questions such as, who is most likely to enter office, who is most likely to vote for them and for what reason.

3. Civic Education

As youth engage with this digital platform, and consequently their leaders, they are able to learn about the various roles and responsibilities that each one plays (the different levels of decision making), the obligations they have to the citizenry and the commitments they have made.