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To gain a better understanding of the vitality of peace and Justice and how they relate to each other, it is imperative that we examine the concept, ‘conflict’.

While there are varying definitions of conflict, there is no doubt that it is the absence of harmony. But the existence of peace does not necessarily indicate an absence of conflicts. It also occurs that the goals of the conflicting parties can be malicious and can include harming or eliminating rivals. Therefore, Violence is not obviously a culmination of conflict but rather one of the numerous forms it can take. There are other tactics of conflict and include protests and activism. However, events that unfolded in various parts of Kenya recently, suggest that, apart from the loss of lives, most conflicts are destructive and inflict life-long injuries to the victims. Read More

Peace, Politics


When the term ‘tribalism’ is search on Google search engine, the very first segmented of the definition does not come off as a negative statement. In fact, one would think it means a sense of pride in their own tribe, culture and kinsman.  However as you carry on with Wikipedia’s explanation, there is even an entire entirely relating to violence and tribalism. Read More