About Us

My name is Ngatia Muhoya. I’m 20 and I didn’t care, I couldn’t be bothered about politics or current affairs. Simply because it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter how much I thought about change, how many newspapers I read or how many people I talked to. It just didn’t matter. No one was listening… until now.

Millennials Speak was born out of the anger and frustration that over 80% of us, that is young people in Kenya have towards our decision makers. Millennials Speak is a social enterprise that creates a platform that facilitates dialogue between them and us, the leaders and the future leaders.

If you are a young person and need to say something about anything, this is the platform for you. If you are a decision maker and need to communicate to the over 37 Million youth in a language and means they understand, this is your platform.

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